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About Agistri


The beautifull,verdant island of Agistri lies at a breath's distance from the city of Athens,in the middle of the Saronicos Gulf.The small,yet fascinating island is covered all over with a dense,scented forest of pine-trees and bushes,that reaches to the sea,where numerous,small,sandy or pebbly beaches are formed with clear,refreshing,blue water. Swimming in the isolated,peacefull,small bays,playing games by the sea-side,or taking long walks,under the thick shadow of the scented pine-trees,will make your holidays enjoyable.While the restaurants,the picturesque taverns and the ouzo-snacks shops,the cocktail-bars and discotheques will offer you a relaxing evening and a vivid nightlife.

map of Agistri


Agistri and the nearby islets consisted part of the kingdom of King Aeakos of Aegina,the eventfull history of which has greately influenced the island's past. Places of archeological interest are these of the area of Megaritissa,of Aponissos and of Kontari.The archeological findings of the island are exhibited in the Cultural Centre,located at Megalochori.


Times to go there

The best time to visit Agistri is spring,when the green of the pine-trees and of the other is compined with the multi-coloured wild-flowers that are all over the fields down to the beaches,and the visitors are few.The tourist season starts in May,reaches its peak in August and ends in October.



The sandy,crystal-clear beach of scala is located near the port and attracts a lot of people.To the west of Mylos there is Drasezes beach and the small bay of xekofti.The small and the large Dragonera,Aponissos and Mariza are suitable for those who prefer silence.To the north of the the lake of Aponissos there are the isolated beaches of Magiza and Bariama and to the south there is Kiafa.There is also the Halikiada nudist beach.


How to reach Agistri

Every day from the port of Pireus two Catamarans can get you to Agistri within an hour.There are also ferry boats that carry you and your vehicle to the island in two hours.